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SATTECH AS60 Ship Satellite Dish

Ship Satellite TV Dish


SATTECH AS60, which has the highest signal gain, is a system developed for receiving satellite TV broadcasts on the sea vehicles. It locates the satellites automatically thanks to the motors that move in three axes.

High signal gain minimizes signal loss in all seas and offers HD broadcast quality.

It is suitable for use as an internationally operating tanker, dry cargo ship, ferry, mega yacht and cruise ships.

The Sattech AS60 Vessel satellite dish, which offers multi-point digital broadcast monitoring thanks to the optional multi-output feature, is specially protected against sea water with its high quality equipment and components.

It does not harm the electronic balance of ships and boats.

Sattech-AS-60 Sattech-AS-60
Sattech AS 60
Satellite antennas used in ships and yachts. It has coverage in all seas with strong signal gain.
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Technicial Specifications

  • Frequency Band: Ku Band
  • Operating Frequency (Low band): 10.7GHz ~ 11.7GHz
  • Operating Frequency (High band): 11.7GHz ~ 12.75GHz
  • LNB Local Frequency: 9.75GHz / 10.60 GHz
  • LNB Type: Universal Quad or Quadro
  • Dish Diameter: 60 cm / 24inch
  • Cover Diameter: 70 cm
  • Cover Height: 72 cm
  • Antenna Weight: 12 kg
  • Built-in GPS: Yes
  • Antenna Gain: 36.8 dBi
  • Min.EIRP: 44dBW
  • Polarization: Vertical / Horizontal
  • Fixing: 3 - Axis BLDC Motor
  • Elevation Rate: 0 º ~ 90 º
  • Tracking Rate: <45º / second
  • Azimuth Ratio: 680 º
  • Operating Temperature: - 30 º C ~ 70 º C
  • Humidity: 95% @ 40 º C
  • Power: 220Volt AC 50-60Hz / Max 40W
  • Satellite: All satellites
  • Waterproof: IP56
  • Output: 4/3 Zone V-H or ops. Multi Multiplexer